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Toe Exerciser

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The purpose of the Toe Exerciser for Pilates is to reinforce, correct, strengthen and align the toes. It strengthens and flexes the musculature and increases the ability to do Pilates workouts correctly, since the exercises are always without shoes.

  • IMPROVE YOUR TOES: The Pilates toe exerciser reinforces, corrects, strengthens and aligns the toes. Practically, all the structures of the toes are strengthened and made more flexible, an important practice to improve the balance of the whole body.
  • THE IMPORTANCE OF THE FEET IN PILATES: In most of the current Pilates machines, such as the Reformer, the feet assume a fundamental role in the correct execution of the exercises, since most of them are performed without shoes. It is therefore important to strengthen the toes with the Toe Exerciser.
  • THE HEALTH OF YOUR FEET IS YOUR HEALTH: Thanks to the exercises we do with the Toe Exerciser, we will be able to improve our daily life. How would you like to spend as much time as possible barefoot? It is a logical consequence of strengthening your toes.
  • COMFORTABLE USE: The Toe Exerciser is very comfortable to use. Two soft straps are placed on the big toes of both feet, leaving the device between them. Once in this position, the feet are moved to the opposite sides, generating resistance in the straps and exercising the toes.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: The Pilates toe exerciser is manufactured with high quality and resistant materials such as leather and steel. Damage and breakage are prevented.

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