Pilates Orbit Figure Roller Balance Board
Pilates Orbit Figure Roller Balance Board
Pilates Orbit Figure Roller Balance Board
Pilates Orbit Figure Roller Balance Board
Pilates Orbit Figure Roller Balance Board
Pilates Orbit Figure Roller Balance Board
Pilates Orbit Figure Roller Balance Board
Pilates Orbit Figure Roller Balance Board

Pilates Orbit Figure Roller Balance Board

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Our Orbit figure roller board is the perfect pilates fitness workout equipment that strengthens, stretches, and challenges you on multiple planes. This wheel balance board easily rolls along the floor and provides stability for your pilates exercise routines.

Main Product Highlights 

  • Built with a solid wooden base and covered in comfortable high-density padding, this roller balance board can handle fast movement and regular use. The smooth strengthening casters on the wheels are safe for carpet and hardwood, and the heavy-duty vinyl reinforces each board.
  • With 4 top-quality double-bearing polyurethane wheels, these roller boards can be used for a variety of workouts. You can practice your plank form, stretch your arms, work on your core, and perform any Pilates exercises with ease using the Orbit roller board.
  • This figure board for adults measures 22.75" x 15" x 6.25" and is thin and light, making it easy to transport from your home gym to your Pilates fitness studio. You can also store one in your closet or under your bed without taking up too much space.

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